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A Historical Fibrous Plaster Collection, a lifetime of restoration

A quick look at Neil Englands amazing collection of master moulds and original sculpted architectural heritage objects.

Have a look at the photos of this conserved collection–hundreds of pieces from sites as varied as the Brighton Pavilion and the John Soane Museum collected, used and preserved for the future generations by Neil England owner of Heritage Heritage Building Advisors.

Neils collection is being prepared to be placed in a permanent placement at a local museum.

The restoration of historic buildings is suffering from one major problem, young people do not want to become trainee fibrous plasterers. The problem is endemic across the UK as the digital world seems far more exciting. A national apprenticeship program needs to be introduced by the government to give financial rewards to craftswomen and men to allow them to preserve our building heritage by training new crafts people. If Neil had not preserved these moulds this facade renovation and re-installation could not of happened. Neils reputation with local Heritage and Conservation planners is such that after a notice was submitted that he would manage the project, no further applications were needed.

No Neil is not this old......A fibrous plaster workshop in 1904!

Managing the restoration of a Brighton facade and using the award winning John Zielinski (J.P.Construction) to fabricate and install from 50 year old moulds these beautiful Corinthian Capitals means real heritage building conservation is alive and well in South-East England.

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