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The Royal Pavilion




Jim Holden




Royal Themed Palace

This amazing palace is the foremost building in Brighton. In today's vernacular it would be called a highly themed building with a myriad of themed rooms inside. Nothing like it exists in the United Kindom.

Along with its Dome complex, it remains one of the great national treasures. Built in 1787 and reworked in 1815-22, its style being unique.

Neil England was commissioned to review the proposals for the restoration of the Banqueting Hall ceiling. A series of documents were raised and adopted, including full analysis of original methods and materials of the repairs required to decoratively restore this amazing ceiling and its weighty decorative work back to a solid and close to original state.

These works were carried to a successful conclusion and can be viewed should you choose to visit. Neil is still contacted for advice on the Palaces maintenance. 

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